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Treeplanting management app for NGOs

Features list:

Sign-up Login/logout Page
Profile page of customers
Profile page of admin
Sales/purchase page to buy subscriptions
customer dashboard
-display plantation data
Admin dashboard
-display order
-process order
-enter planting information

user id:

admin account id:

Athlete management system app

Features list:

Athlete management system app with features:
Pages/screen: Athlete and coach Profile page including login and sign up.
Athlete dash board Coach dash board Athlete dashboard will include
-Assigned workout schedule.
-Activity screen with start stop for the run.
-For gym workout screen with exercise type, target set and reps. athletes will input the data and complete the task.
Coach dashboard
-Add / remove athletes to the app
-Screen to setup the the workout schedule and assign to the athletes
-Screen to monitor athlete activities Chat functionality between couch and athlete.
Chat functionality between coach and athletes

Athlete account:
password : indi#a890
password : indi#a890

Coach account :
password : indi#a890  

Social media platform for seniors

Features list:

Login / sign up functionality.
Profile with fields to upload as image file life mission statement political views take on climate change opinion about religion message to the world why you didn’t marry such and such girl etc Name Fields like profile picture city of origin etc one free statement with limited words.
Interact with users by posting handwriting messages on daily basis.
Engage with other users by beginning friendship with them by discovering their views
3 membership package based on number of statements they can upload Topography typewriting font and black and white colors.

Educational game app for kids

Features list:

Quiz screen for kids
–Show verb , audio and images
–If kid makes right selection
–A pop up shows
–Kid moves to next level (all 4 questions)
–Next level starts
–If kid makes wrong selection
–kids stays on same level
–Level restarts
Collect and display data in admin dashboard

admin dashboard

userid / password

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