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Unlock the power of digital transformation with Rosetta Digital. We specialize in creating conversion-centric websites, sales funnels, Bubble MVP apps, and top-tier SEO services. With Rosetta Digital, your business will soar to new heights in the digital landscape. Let us help you take off your digital presence and reach the sky – because with Rosetta Digital, the sky’s the limit.


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Your website is the building blocks for all you do online. A visit to your website is usually the first impression folks have of your online business. Your site links with all your digital marketing, advertising, blogging and all other digital footprint.


Rosetta SEO

We’ll help you create a five star online reputation to build up consumer trust. Coupled with optimizing your Google My Business(GMB) and Bing Business Profiles, you'll be at the top of the search engine rankings.

Rosetta Funnels

Get Sales funnel, Optin Funnels, Lead genration Funnels and VSL Funnels to generate sales, leads and clients with Rosetta Funnels.

Bubble Apps

No-Code Apps or MVP build for fast validation, launch and scale.

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We work with a broad range of clients from start-ups to corporate companies to non profits. With the knowledge and experience that we have we implement solutions that complements your organization. We create digital marketing solutions that tailored to business’s size, budget, and market position.

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Hostinger vs Zyro Analysis Making the Right Choice for Your Online Presence

Hostinger vs Zyro Analysis: Making the Right Choice for Your Online Presence

The analysis contrasts Hostinger, a broad-ranging web hosting provider, with Zyro, a streamlined website builder, to assist individuals and businesses in choosing the right solution for their online presence. By weighing pros and cons like customization, technical control, and scalability, our thorough comparison facilitates an informed decision-making process amid the Hostinger vs Zyro debate. What

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Does Hostinger Support Node JS What Developers Need to Know

Does Hostinger Support Node JS? What Developers Need to Know

Yes, Hostinger does support Node.js on its hosting plans. Hostinger, a well-known hosting provider, caters to the needs of developers by offering Node.js support on its services. This support allows for the deployment of Node.js applications, making it a suitable option for modern web development projects that require server-side JavaScript execution. Node.js on Hostinger Choosing

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Can We Change Domain Name in Hostinger?

Yes, you can change your domain name on Hostinger. This process involves purchasing a new domain and then replacing the old one within your hosting account. Users who wish to rebrand their website or shift focus to a different niche often find this option useful. It’s essential to know that while the domain name can

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Why Use Hostinger Elevate Your Online Presence With Game-Changer

Why Use Hostinger? Elevate Your Online Presence With Game-Changer

Choosing Hostinger for web hosting is a strategic decision for a variety of reasons. This platform is known for providing user-friendly, fast, and reliable web hosting services at some of the most competitive prices on the market. Hostinger caters to both beginners and experienced webmasters with its variety of hosting plans, which include shared hosting,

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Hostinger vs Linode A Head-to-Head Battle of Hosting Services

Hostinger vs Linode: A Head-to-Head Battle of Hosting Services

The main difference between Hostinger and Linode is that Hostinger caters to beginners and small to medium-sized businesses looking for user-friendly hosting solutions with a strong focus on affordability and ease of use, whereas Linode appeals more to developers and tech-savvy users with its robust cloud infrastructure services that emphasize flexibility, scalability, and control. What

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