Coreldraw Standard vs Graphics Suite: Essential Comparison for Designers

Coreldraw Standard and Coreldraw Graphics Suite are both graphic design software offerings with varying levels of complexity and features designed to meet the needs of different users. Coreldraw Standard is well-suited for hobbyists and small businesses for basic graphic design tasks, while Coreldraw Graphics Suite is an advanced package for professional designers and larger enterprises requiring a robust set of design tools.

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What is the Main Difference Between Coreldraw Standard and Graphics Suite?

The main difference between Coreldraw Standard and Coreldraw Graphics Suite is that Coreldraw Standard is designed specifically for hobbyists and small businesses with a focus on basic graphic design tasks, while Coreldraw Graphics Suite is a comprehensive package with advanced features suited for professional graphic designers and larger businesses that require a wider range of design tools and functionalities.

What is Coreldraw Standard and What is Coreldraw Graphics Suite?

Coreldraw Standard is a graphic design software that caters mainly to users who need to create flyers, posters, social media images, or any similar marketing materials. It offers a good selection of tools that are accessible to those who might not have a deep background in graphic design, making it suitable for home or small office projects.

Coreldraw Graphics Suite, on the other hand, is a more extensive graphics software package intended for experienced designers and businesses that need potent capabilities. It encompasses a vast array of features for design, layout, photo editing, and vector illustration. The suite also includes additional professional-grade applications like Corel PHOTO-PAINT for image editing and, which allows for web-based design work.

Key Differences:

  1. Range of Tools: Coreldraw Graphics Suite provides a broader selection of advanced tools and features compared to the more basic toolset of Coreldraw Standard.
  2. Target User Base: Coreldraw Graphics Suite is aimed at professional graphic designers and businesses, while Coreldraw Standard is more for casual or amateur designers.
  3. Available Applications: Coreldraw Graphics Suite comes with additional software like Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Corel Font Manager, and for web design, unlike Coreldraw Standard.
  4. Price Point: Coreldraw Graphics Suite is generally more expensive due to its extensive functionalities, whereas Coreldraw Standard is more affordable.
  5. File Compatibility: The professional suite often supports a wider range of file formats, crucial for diverse designing needs, whereas Coreldraw Standard may have more limited compatibility.
  6. Customization and Automation: Coreldraw Graphics Suite allows for greater customization of the workflow and automation of tasks, which might be limited in Coreldraw Standard.
  7. Collaboration Features: Coreldraw Graphics Suite often includes more features to facilitate teamwork, such as client feedback tools, which might not be present in Coreldraw Standard.

Key Similarities:

  1. Core Functionality: Both offer core vector illustration and page layout tools needed for basic graphic design work.
  2. User Interface: Each has a user interface that provides an accessible design space, with Coreldraw Standard being slightly simplified.
  3. File Handling: Both can manage common file types necessary for standard graphic design tasks, such as .CDR, .PDF, .PNG, and .JPG.
  4. Typography Tools: They share typography tools to add and manipulate text in various styles within designs.
  5. Color Management: Both have color management features to ensure consistent color accuracy across different media.
  6. Tutorials and Support: Corel provides instructional materials and customer support for both versions of the software to help users with their projects.

Coreldraw Standard Features vs Coreldraw Graphics Suite Features

  1. Tool Variety: Coreldraw Graphics Suite includes more sophisticated tools and applications for advanced graphic design, while Coreldraw Standard provides a selection of the most essential design tools.
  2. Photo Editing Capabilities: Coreldraw Graphics Suite’s inclusion of Corel PHOTO-PAINT makes it a more compelling option for those needing extensive image manipulation capabilities, versus Coreldraw Standard’s more rudimentary photo editing features.
  3. Ease of Use for Amateurs vs Professional Tools: Coreldraw Standard’s ease of use and simple interface cater to less experienced users, as opposed to Coreldraw Graphics Suite’s professional-level functionalities.
  4. Price Differentiation: Coreldraw Standard’s lower price point makes it an accessible option for budget-conscious users, while Coreldraw Graphics Suite presents a higher investment for a broader range of capabilities.
  5. Performance on Systems: Coreldraw Standard’s lower impact on computer resources stands in contrast to Coreldraw Graphics Suite, which may demand a higher performance computer for smooth operation.
  6. User Level: Coreldraw Standard is tailored to hobbyists and small business users, while Coreldraw Graphics Suite targets experienced designers and larger businesses with demanding design requirements.

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Pros of Coreldraw Standard Compared to Coreldraw Graphics Suite

  1. Pricing and Affordability: Coreldraw Standard is generally more affordable than its more feature-rich counterpart. This makes it an accessible option for individuals and small businesses that have limited budgets but still require solid design capabilities.
  2. Simplicity and Ease of Use: Given its target demographic of hobbyists and smaller businesses, Coreldraw Standard provides an interface that’s less complex, making it easier for users with less experience in graphic design to get up to speed quickly.
  3. Core Design Features: It offers the foundational tools necessary for creating standard graphic design work such as vector illustration and page layout, which might be sufficient for many users’ needs.
  4. Smaller Footprint: With fewer advanced features, Coreldraw Standard may consume less computer resources, leading to better performance on less powerful hardware.
  5. Focused Toolset: Since Coreldraw Standard isn’t packed with professional-level tools, users can focus on mastering a smaller set of functions that are directly relevant to their day-to-day design tasks.
  6. Ease of Learning: For beginners, the less complicated nature of Coreldraw Standard can make the learning curve gentler, enabling them to become proficient with the core tools faster.

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Cons of Coreldraw Standard Compared to Coreldraw Graphics Suite

  1. Limited Advanced Features: Coreldraw Standard lacks many of the high-end capabilities required for complex design tasks which are available in Coreldraw Graphics Suite, potentially hindering the creation of more sophisticated designs.
  2. Narrower Target Audience: Its features are tailored to meet the needs of hobbyists and small businesses, which could be restricting for professional designers who need more powerful tools and features.
  3. Restrictions on Collaboration: Coreldraw Standard may not include the same set of collaboration tools found in Coreldraw Graphics Suite, which are important for team projects and client feedback.
  4. Less Customization: There are fewer options for customizing the workspace and automating repetitive tasks, which can be a significant handicap for professionals used to tailoring their software to their specific workflow.
  5. File format Compatibility: Users may run into limitations with file compatibility, which can be a drawback when working with a wider variety of clients or within a team that uses different software.
  6. Lack of Additional Applications: Unlike Coreldraw Graphics Suite, Coreldraw Standard does not come with extra applications like Corel PHOTO-PAINT or, limiting the user’s capabilities in image editing and web design.

Pros of Coreldraw Graphics Suite Over Coreldraw Standard

  1. Comprehensive Toolset: The suite offers an extensive range of advanced tools and features for professional graphic design, layout, photo editing, and vector illustration, catering to the needs of seasoned designers.
  2. Greater Versatility: With additional applications like Corel PHOTO-PAINT and, designers can tackle a vast array of projects from image editing to web design, all within the same package.
  3. Enhanced File Compatibility: Coreldraw Graphics Suite supports a wider array of file formats, which is beneficial for working with various clients and collaborative projects.
  4. Professional-level Features: Features like advanced typography, color management, and detailed bitmap-to-vector tracing options are designed to meet the needs of professionals.
  5. Customization Options: Users can personalize their workspace and automate tasks to streamline their workflow, a feature particularly useful for heavy users of the software.
  6. Collaboration Tools: The suite provides robust features for teamwork, including client feedback tools that can help facilitate smoother communication and revisions during a project.

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Cons of Coreldraw Graphics Suite Compared to Coreldraw Standard

  1. Higher Price: The cost of Coreldraw Graphics Suite is significantly higher than Coreldraw Standard, which might be prohibitive for individuals and small businesses on a budget.
  2. Complexity for Beginners: The wide array of advanced features can be overwhelming for new or casual designers, making the learning curve steeper compared to the more straightforward Coreldraw Standard.
  3. Resource Requirements: The suite’s comprehensive tools may require more powerful hardware and computer resources, potentially leading to slower performance on older or less capable systems.
  4. More Time-Intensive to Learn: Due to its complexity and plethora of features, it can take a considerable amount of time to master Coreldraw Graphics Suite.
  5. Potential for Overwhelm: Some users may find the multitude of tools and customization options to be more than they need, which could clutter their user experience and slow down their workflow.
  6. Update Costs: Keeping the software up-to-date might involve additional costs, which is a consideration for long-term users who need to maintain access to the latest tools and features.

When Coreldraw Standard Is the Right Choice Over Coreldraw Graphics Suite

  1. Limited Budget Situations: For individuals or small businesses with tight budgets, Coreldraw Standard offers a more cost-effective solution without overwhelming users with tools that they may never use.
  2. Basic Graphic Design Needs: When the design work does not demand high-end tools, Coreldraw Standard’s simpler toolset can handle basic tasks effectively, like creating simple logos, flyers, or social media graphics.
  3. Situations Favoring a Quick Learning Curve: Beginners or those who want to start creating designs quickly will find Coreldraw Standard’s less complicated interface easier to learn and navigate.
  4. When Computer Resources Are Limited: For users with older computers or less powerful hardware, Coreldraw Standard’s smaller resource footprint makes it a more suitable option.
  5. Focused Projects: Coreldraw Standard is better suited for projects that require a straightforward approach and when there’s no need for the extra bells and whistles offered by the suite.
  6. Non-professional Environments: In educational settings or for personal use, where advanced features are seldom required, Coreldraw Standard is more than adequate.

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When Coreldraw Graphics Suite Is the Right Choice Over Coreldraw Standard

  1. Advanced Design Projects: For complex and diverse graphic design projects that require a wide range of professional tools, Coreldraw Graphics Suite is the more suitable option.
  2. Versatility in File Handling: Situations that involve working with a variety of file formats, especially in collaborative environments, call for the extended compatibility that the suite provides.
  3. Professional Settings: Designers who work in a professional capacity or who freelance with multiple clients will benefit from the comprehensive toolset and features that are part of Coreldraw Graphics Suite.
  4. Workflow Customization: The ability to customize the software for specific needs and automate tasks is a significant advantage for users who rely heavily on the suite for daily work.
  5. Collaboration and Client Interaction: For scenarios where teamwork and client feedback are frequent, the suite’s collaboration tools can greatly enhance efficiency and communication.
  6. Expanding Creativity and Services: As a designer grows their skill set and menu of services, Coreldraw Graphics Suite can support this growth with its advanced applications and features.

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Evaluating the Learning Resources for Coreldraw Standard and Coreldraw Graphics Suite

Corel provides a variety of learning materials to support users of both Coreldraw Standard and Coreldraw Graphics Suite. These resources are vital for mastering the software and fully utilizing its capabilities.

Learning Materials for Coreldraw Standard

Users of Coreldraw Standard can access a range of tutorials and guides that are aimed at newcomers and intermediate designers. Corel’s official website and community forums offer step-by-step articles and videos that cover the essential functions of Coreldraw Standard. This is ideal for those who are new to graphic design or to the software itself, as it offers a comfortable pace for learning and doesn’t overwhelm users with too much information at once. The tutorials often address real-world tasks such as creating business cards or simple graphics, ensuring that the learning process is relevant and immediately applicable.

In addition to official resources, there are also third-party platforms such as YouTube where users share tips, tricks, and tutorials. These can vary in complexity, allowing users to gradually build their skills over time. For instance, a beginner might start with how to set up a document and progress to more complex tasks like working with text and creating basic vector shapes, all at their own pace.

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Learning Materials for Coreldraw Graphics Suite

The learning materials for Coreldraw Graphics Suite tend to be more in-depth due to the more advanced nature of the software. Apart from the basic guides, there are specialized tutorials that delve into intricate features like vector tracing, bitmap effects, and color management. Professional graphic designers can benefit significantly from these resources as they offer insights into more complex design techniques and industry-best practices.

Furthermore, Coreldraw Graphics Suite users can take advantage of the Coreldraw Masters program. It showcases expert designers from around the world, presenting a unique opportunity to learn high-level skills directly from seasoned professionals. These experts share their workflows, offer detailed breakdowns of their projects, and sometimes even provide downloadable content for users to dissect and study. For users intent on refining their craft to a professional standard, such resources are invaluable.

Analyzing Support and Community Engagement

Community and technical support are integral parts of any software ecosystem. Both Coreldraw Standard and Coreldraw Graphics Suite benefit from Corel’s commitment to support, but the way users engage with each other and the type of support they receive can differ.

Support Systems for Coreldraw Standard

For Coreldraw Standard users, the primary form of support is often the customer service provided by Corel. This includes direct assistance for technical issues and general inquiries about the software. The support team helps resolve common problems that users might encounter, such as installation issues, licensing queries, and basic troubleshooting steps.

The user community is another vital support aspect for Coreldraw Standard. Many users turn to online forums and social media groups where they can ask questions, share knowledge, and help each other out. This peer-to-peer interaction builds a sense of community and allows users to solve problems collaboratively. For individuals and small businesses, these forums can be extremely valuable as they might not have in-house experts to rely on.

Support Systems for Coreldraw Graphics Suite

Coreldraw Graphics Suite users often have access to a more specialized level of support due to the professional nature of the software. This includes priority support services for technical issues that require immediate attention, which is critical for professionals working on tight deadlines. Additionally, there are regular updates and bug fixes specifically aimed at keeping the professional tools up-to-date and running smoothly.

The suite’s user community also includes a significant number of professional graphic designers, offering a rich source of knowledge and networking opportunities. Users can participate in advanced discussions, share complex project files, and solicit feedback on their work. This professional network stands as an invaluable resource for continuous learning and career development.

Structured Education and Training Programs

Both Coreldraw Standard and Coreldraw Graphics Suite users may have access to structured training programs offered by Corel. These include webinars, workshops, and even certified training courses for those who prefer a structured learning environment or need to demonstrate proficiency for career purposes. These training programs provide thorough instruction and practice on the software, going beyond what users might learn through ad hoc tutorials and community forums.


Can Coreldraw Standard be used for professional work?

While Coreldraw Standard is designed for hobbyists and small businesses, it can still be used for professional work within its capabilities. However, for complex projects requiring advanced tools, Coreldraw Graphics Suite would be the more suitable choice due to its extensive functionalities that cater to professional standards.

Are there exclusive tools in Coreldraw Graphics Suite not found in Coreldraw Standard?

Yes, Coreldraw Graphics Suite includes exclusive tools and applications, such as Corel PHOTO-PAINT for image editing, Corel Font Manager for font exploration and management, and for web browser-based design. These are not available in Coreldraw Standard.

Is the user interface of Coreldraw Graphics Suite much more complex than Coreldraw Standard?

Coreldraw Graphics Suite has a more advanced user interface with additional features compared to Coreldraw Standard. However, both interfaces are designed to be user-friendly, with Coreldraw Standard offering a simpler experience to accommodate users with less graphic design expertise.

Can files created in Coreldraw Graphics Suite be opened in Coreldraw Standard?

There may be limitations when trying to open files created in Coreldraw Graphics Suite in Coreldraw Standard, especially if the files contain elements or use tools only available in the Graphics Suite. It’s essential to check the compatibility before attempting to transfer files between different versions of the software.

How does customization differ between Coreldraw Standard and Coreldraw Graphics Suite?

Coreldraw Graphics Suite offers a higher level of customization for workflows and automation of tasks, which is particularly useful for professionals who need to streamline complex processes. In contrast, Coreldraw Standard has a more basic level of customization due to its focus on simplicity and ease of use.

Is there a price difference between upgrading Coreldraw Standard and Coreldraw Graphics Suite?

Generally, the cost of upgrading to the latest version of Coreldraw Standard is lower compared to upgrading Coreldraw Graphics Suite. The price difference reflects the number of additional features and capabilities offered by the Graphics Suite.

Does Corel offer tutorials that are specifically designed for learning Coreldraw Graphics Suite?

Yes, Corel provides various tutorials, guides, and the Coreldraw Masters program that are specifically tailored for users of Coreldraw Graphics Suite to learn and master the advanced features available in the professional suite.

Is it necessary to have advanced graphic design knowledge to use Coreldraw Graphics Suite?

While it’s not strictly necessary to have advanced design knowledge to use Coreldraw Graphics Suite, the software is designed with professionals in mind. Thus, users will benefit from having some level of proficiency in graphic design to effectively utilize the advanced tools and features.

Coreldraw Standard vs Coreldraw Graphics Suite Summary

In summary, when deciding between Coreldraw Standard and Coreldraw Graphics Suite, it is crucial to take into account the user’s proficiency level, the complexity of projects, and budget considerations. Each has its advantages: Coreldraw Standard offers simplicity and affordability, ideal for users who do not require advanced functionality, while Coreldraw Graphics Suite provides professionals with a comprehensive set of tools for sophisticated design work. The choice ultimately hinges on the scope and demands of the user’s graphic design endeavors.

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Coreldraw Standard vs CorelDRAW Graphics SuiteCoreldraw StandardCorelDRAW Graphics Suite
Target User BaseHobbyists and small businessesProfessional designers and larger businesses
Tool RangeBasic graphic design tasksAdvanced design, layout, photo editing, vector illustration
Software Applications IncludedCorelDRAWCorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Font Manager,
Complexity and User InterfaceSimplified interface for ease of useMore complex, professional-grade interface
File CompatibilityLimited file format supportWide array of file format support
Customization and AutomationLimited optionsExtensive customization and automation features
Collaboration FeaturesBasicAdvanced collaboration and client feedback tools
PricingMore affordableMore expensive, with potential additional update costs
Learning CurveEasier and faster for beginnersSteeper, time-intensive learning for complex features
Support and Community EngagementBasic customer service and peer forumsPriority support and professional networks
Color Management and Typography ToolsBasic featuresProfessional-level features
Performance RequirementsLess demanding on computer resourcesRequires more powerful hardware for optimal performance
ProsAffordability, ease of use, suitable for basic tasksComprehensive toolset, versatility, enhanced collaboration
ConsLimited features, less suitable for complex tasksHigher price, overwhelming for beginners, resource-heavy
Coreldraw Standard vs Coreldraw Graphics Suite Summary

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