Is GetResponse Legit? A Deep Dive into the Trusted Email Marketing Giant

Is GetResponse Legit A Deep Dive into the Trusted Email Marketing Giant

Yes, GetResponse is legit. This comprehensive email marketing tool has been serving businesses since 1998, offering a suite of services that covers email marketing, landing pages, automation, and webinar hosting. GetResponse’s credibility is highlighted by its large user base, including well-known companies, proving its reliability as an effective marketing solution. They are consistent in updating their platform with the latest features to meet the dynamic needs of digital marketing, which only solidifies their position in the market.

Email Marketing Features

Email marketing is at the core of GetResponse’s offering. Within its platform, users find an array of features designed to make email campaigns effective and easy to manage.

Drag-and-Drop Email Editor

With GetResponse’s drag-and-drop editor, creating visually appealing emails is straightforward. The tool provides a range of templates and images, enabling users to craft professional-looking emails without needing design skills. This editor simplifies the editing process, allowing marketers to customize emails quickly to fit their brand’s aesthetic.

Advanced Segmentation and Personalization

GetResponse takes personalization seriously by offering advanced segmentation. This feature allows marketers to divide their audience into specific groups based on behavior, preferences, and past interactions. By sending targeted messages tailored to each segment, businesses can increase engagement rates and build stronger customer relationships.

Automation Capabilities

Automation stands out as one of GetResponse’s most powerful features. It guides users through creating workflows that save time and increase efficiency.

Marketing Automation Workflows

The platform enables users to set up automated workflows that trigger specific actions based on user behavior. Whether it’s sending a welcome email or a series of follow-up messages, GetResponse’s automation ensures timely communication with subscribers without manual intervention.


Autoresponders are a staple in email marketing, and GetResponse provides flexible autoresponder settings. This lets marketers schedule a series of emails to nurture leads and onboard new customers. Consistently engaging with your audience keeps your brand top of mind and can help to boost sales.

Analytics and Reporting

Data plays a significant role in email marketing success, and GetResponse delivers meaningful insights. Their detailed analytics dashboard gives users a comprehensive view of their campaign performance.

Email Analytics

Detailed reports help users track opens, clicks, and conversions. By understanding which emails resonate with their audience, marketers can optimize future campaigns for better results. GetResponse also tracks email ROI by integrating with e-commerce features, providing concrete data on the profitability of your email marketing efforts.

A/B Testing

To support continuous improvement, GetResponse includes A/B testing capabilities. Testing different versions of email elements such as subject lines or call-to-action buttons enables marketers to determine what works best for their audience. By making data-driven decisions, businesses can improve their email marketing effectiveness over time.

Integrations and Extendability

No marketing tool is an island, and GetResponse plays well with others. The service integrates with a variety of third-party applications, broadening its functional scope.

E-commerce and CRM Integrations

GetResponse seamlessly integrates with popular e-commerce platforms and CRM systems, aligning email marketing campaigns with wider business processes. This connectivity ensures data flows smoothly between systems, aiding in unified customer experiences and streamlined workflows.

Social Media and Lead Generation Tools

In addition to traditional integrations, GetResponse offers options to connect with social media and lead generation tools. These integrations give marketers the ability to capture leads across platforms and nurture them through email campaigns.

Subscriber Management and List-Building Techniques

Managing subscribers effectively is key to email marketing.

List Management Tools

GetResponse excels in subscriber management with its list-building tools. Users can easily import contacts, clean lists to remove inactive subscribers, and organize them efficiently. These tools are important for maintaining a healthy email list, which is central to high campaign deliverability and engagement rates. Proper list management helps businesses to focus their efforts and resources on engaging with responsive and interested subscribers.

Signup Forms and Popups

Gathering new subscribers is made easier with GetResponse’s customizable signup forms and popups. These are crucial for any business looking to grow its email list. The forms can be tailored to match your website’s design and can be placed strategically to capture visitor information. This tactic aids in converting casual visitors into potential leads that can be nurtured via email.

Deliverability and Compliance

Ensuring emails reach the inbox is an essential aspect of email marketing.

Email Deliverability

GetResponse prioritizes strong deliverability rates. The platform offers features like testing against spam filters and guidance on best sending practices. A good deliverability rate means that emails arrive in subscribers’ inboxes, not their spam folders, ensuring messages have a chance to be seen and acted upon.

GDPR and Privacy Tools

In an age where data privacy is paramount, GetResponse provides necessary tools to assist with GDPR compliance. Keeping subscriber data safe and handling it with care is important to maintain trust and legal compliance. The platform helps business owners by providing templates and features that adhere to privacy regulations, making it easier to manage consent and data protection requirements.


Can I import my existing contact list to GetResponse?

Yes, you can import your contact list into GetResponse. The platform supports importing contacts from various formats such as CSV, TXT, VCF, XLS, and XLSX. It offers a simplified process, which allows you to upload your file, map the contact details to match GetResponse’s fields and then quickly integrate your contacts into your email campaigns.

How does GetResponse handle unsubscribes?

GetResponse automatically handles unsubscribes. When a recipient decides they no longer want to receive emails, there is an unsubscribe link in every email sent through GetResponse that they can use. Clicking this link will automatically update your list to prevent sending future emails to that contact, helping you comply with anti-spam laws.

What kind of support does GetResponse offer?

GetResponse provides customer support through several channels: 24/7 live chat, email support, and a broad range of self-help resources such as a knowledge base, video tutorials, and webinars. Their support team is available to assist users with any questions or issues that may arise.

Does GetResponse offer templates for email campaigns?

Yes, GetResponse offers a wide selection of templates for email campaigns. These templates can be used for various types of emails such as newsletters, promotions, and automated series. They are customizable, so you can adjust them to suit your brand’s look and message.

Can I use GetResponse for webinar marketing?

Yes, GetResponse offers a webinar marketing solution that allows you to host live webinars. Their platform includes features like registrations, reminders, and post-webinar follow-up emails. This integrates well with the rest of their marketing tools, providing a way to engage with your audience and generate leads through live presentations.

Is there a mobile app available for GetResponse?

GetResponse offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. This app lets you manage your email marketing campaigns, track their performance, and stay connected with your contacts while on the go.

How does GetResponse’s automation help with lead scoring?

GetResponse’s marketing automation features include the capability to score leads. You can assign points to leads based on their behavior, such as website visits, email opens, or completed goals. This helps in identifying hot leads that are ready for sales follow-up, thus improving the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Can I run A/B tests on my landing pages with GetResponse?

GetResponse enables A/B testing not only for your emails but also for landing pages. You can create and test different versions of your landing pages to see which one converts better. This is a valuable way to maximize your conversions and improve the effectiveness of your online marketing.


  • GetResponse is a legitimate and comprehensive email marketing service established in 1998 trusted by businesses globally.
  • It provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop email editor, advanced segmentation, and personalization options to improve engagement.
  • Automation features like marketing workflows and autoresponders streamline communication and save time.
  • Detailed analytics and A/B testing help optimize email campaign performance and increase ROI.
  • The platform integrates with e-commerce, CRM systems, social media, and lead generation tools for holistic marketing strategies.
  • Subscriber management is efficient with tools for importing and organizing contacts, as well as customizable signup forms to expand email lists.
  • GetResponse ensures email deliverability and provides tools for GDPR compliance to maintain subscriber trust and meet legal requirements.

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