Preply vs Wyzant: Pioneering Platforms in the Business of Tutoring

Preply vs Wyzant: Pioneering Platforms in the Business of Tutoring Featured Image

The tutoring industry is rapidly evolving, and online platforms are at its forefront. In the bustling realm of e-learning, two platforms stand out: Preply and Wyzant. Catering to different niches and audiences, these platforms offer unique features and benefits. This article delves into a comprehensive comparison, tailored for businesses and entrepreneurs seeking insights into these industry leaders.

What are Preply and Wyzant?

Preply is an online educational platform that connects students with private tutors from around the world, primarily focusing on language learning. The platform boasts a vast array of language tutors, offering lessons in various languages, from common ones like English and Spanish to more niche languages. Students can choose their tutors based on their profiles, reviews, and video introductions.

Wyzant is a US-based tutoring platform that connects students with both local and online tutors in a wide variety of subjects. While it does offer language tutoring, its scope is broader, encompassing subjects like math, science, and the humanities. Students on Wyzant can find tutors based on their location, expertise, and ratings.

What is the Main Difference Between Preply and Wyzant?

The main difference between Preply and Wyzant is that Preply is an international platform focusing primarily on language learning, connecting students with tutors from around the world for a vast array of languages. Wyzant, on the other hand, is an American-based platform that offers a broader range of subjects, not just languages, and connects students with local and online tutors within the United States. While both platforms cater to the educational needs of their users, Preply’s primary niche is language learning with a global reach, whereas Wyzant provides comprehensive tutoring services with a more localized focus for the US market.

Key Differences Between Preply and Wyzant

  1. Focus: While Preply is primarily centered around language learning, Wyzant offers tutoring in a broader range of subjects.
  2. Geographical Orientation: Preply has a global reach, connecting students with tutors internationally, whereas Wyzant is predominantly US-focused.
  3. Tutor Selection Process: On Preply, students can watch tutor video introductions, while Wyzant offers detailed tutor profiles with student reviews.
  4. Pricing Model: Preply allows tutors to set their rates, leading to a wide pricing range. Wyzant also has variable pricing but may include additional service fees.
  5. Platform Design: Preply’s interface is designed with language learning in mind, providing features conducive to this, whereas Wyzant’s design is more general, catering to various subjects.
  6. Mobile Application: Both platforms offer mobile apps, but their functionalities and user experiences differ.
  7. Tutor Approval Process: Wyzant has a rigorous approval process, ensuring tutors are qualified in their subjects. Preply also vets tutors, but the focus is more on their language proficiency.
  8. Lesson Packages: Preply often encourages buying lesson packages for a reduced rate, whereas Wyzant’s model is more pay-as-you-go.
  9. Community & Resources: Wyzant often provides resources like articles and Q&A sections for students, while Preply emphasizes community interaction through its forum.

Key Similarities Between Preply and Wyzant

  1. Online Platform: Both Preply and Wyzant operate online, allowing students to connect with tutors virtually.
  2. User Reviews: Both platforms provide user reviews, enabling students to make informed decisions when choosing tutors.
  3. Tutor Profiles: Both platforms offer detailed tutor profiles, giving an insight into the tutor’s qualifications, teaching style, and expertise.
  4. Private Tutoring: Both platforms emphasize one-on-one instruction, ensuring personalized learning experiences.
  5. Payment Security: Both Preply and Wyzant offer secure payment methods and ensure that payment information is protected.
  6. Customer Support: Both platforms provide customer support to address any issues or concerns that users might encounter.

Advantages of Using Preply Over Wyzant

  1. Global Reach: Preply offers a wider international pool of tutors, allowing students to find native speakers of many different languages from various parts of the world.
  2. Language Specialization: As Preply focuses primarily on languages, it offers tools and features tailored specifically for language learners, optimizing the experience.
  3. Flexible Pricing: Tutors on Preply set their rates, which can lead to competitive prices and occasional discounts for lesson packages.
  4. Video Introductions: Preply tutors often have video introductions, giving students a more comprehensive idea of the tutor’s teaching style before booking.
  5. Diverse Teaching Methods: Due to its global nature, students might find tutors using unique teaching methodologies from different countries and cultures.
  6. Interactive Community: Preply’s community forum allows students and tutors to interact, share resources, and answer queries, fostering a sense of unity.

Disadvantages of Preply When Compared to Wyzant

  1. Narrower Focus: Preply’s concentration on language learning means it might not be the best choice for those seeking tutors in other academic or hobby subjects.
  2. Vetting Process: While Preply ensures language proficiency, Wyzant’s rigorous approval process might provide an added layer of confidence in a tutor’s expertise in broader academic subjects.
  3. Regional Preferences: For students in the US, Wyzant’s localized focus might offer advantages like timezone alignment and understanding of the US curriculum.
  4. Resource Availability: Wyzant provides additional educational resources like articles and Q&A sections which may not be as prevalent on Preply.
  5. In-Person Tutoring Option: Wyzant gives students the option to connect with local tutors for in-person sessions, a feature not central to Preply’s model.
  6. Payment Structure: Some users might find Wyzant’s pay-as-you-go model more straightforward than Preply’s package-based discounts.

Advantages of Using Wyzant Over Preply

  1. Broad Subject Offering: Wyzant covers a vast array of subjects, not just languages. Whether you need help in math, science, or the arts, Wyzant likely has a tutor for you.
  2. Localized Focus: Wyzant’s strong presence in the US ensures that tutors are familiar with local academic standards, curricula, and testing systems.
  3. In-Person Tutoring: Wyzant provides an option for students to connect with local tutors for face-to-face sessions, enhancing the learning experience for some individuals.
  4. Rigorous Vetting: Tutors on Wyzant undergo a detailed approval process, ensuring a high level of expertise and credibility in their subject areas.
  5. Educational Resources: Wyzant offers additional tools like Q&A sections, articles, and study resources, providing added value to students.
  6. Payment Flexibility: The pay-as-you-go model ensures students only pay for the lessons they take, without the pressure of purchasing lesson packages.

Drawbacks of Wyzant When Compared to Preply

  1. Limited International Reach: Wyzant’s primary focus on the US market may limit its global tutor pool, especially for languages.
  2. Pricing: Given its rigorous vetting and US-centric model, tutoring rates on Wyzant can be higher compared to the diverse pricing available on Preply.
  3. Language Learning Features: Preply’s platform is specifically designed for language learning, offering tools and community features tailored for this niche.
  4. Global Time Zones: For students outside of the US, coordinating with US-based tutors can present timezone challenges.
  5. Cultural Diversity: Preply’s international model might offer a broader range of teaching methodologies from different cultures, providing varied learning experiences.
  6. Platform Specialization: Wyzant’s generalized platform design might lack some of the specialized features beneficial to language learners found on Preply.

Situations Favoring Preply Over Wyzant

  1. Language Learning Goals: When the primary goal is to learn a new language or refine linguistic skills, especially in less common languages.
  2. International Tutoring: When looking for diverse cultural interactions or wanting to learn from native speakers from specific regions.
  3. Budget Flexibility: When seeking a broader range of pricing options, especially from tutors based in regions with lower living costs.
  4. Cultural Immersion: When the aim is to immerse oneself in the cultural nuances and teaching styles from different parts of the world.
  5. Language-specific Features: When utilizing platform tools tailored specifically for language learning is a priority.
  6. Global Community Interaction: If the desire is to interact with a global community of learners and educators in a particular language.

Scenarios Where Wyzant Holds an Advantage Over Preply

  1. Diverse Academic Needs: When looking for tutors in a range of subjects beyond just languages, like math, science, or humanities.
  2. US Curriculum Alignment: When needing a tutor familiar with the US educational system, state standards, or specific standardized tests.
  3. In-Person Sessions: If there’s a preference for face-to-face tutoring sessions with local experts.
  4. Quality Assurance: When the vetting and approval process for tutors is a significant concern, given Wyzant’s rigorous standards.
  5. Additional Learning Resources: For those valuing supplementary educational content, such as articles, Q&A sections, and other resources.
  6. Localized Time Zones: When residing in the US and wanting to avoid potential scheduling challenges with international tutors.


How do both platforms handle disputes between tutors and students?

Preply: Preply has a customer support team that intervenes in case of disputes. The resolution is often based on their terms of service, with the aim of ensuring fairness to both parties.
Wyzant: Wyzant also provides a dedicated support team. In case of disagreements, they review the circumstances and ensure solutions are aligned with their policy guidelines.

Do Preply and Wyzant offer group tutoring sessions or only one-on-one?

Preply: Historically, Preply primarily focused on one-on-one sessions, but they may have introduced group lessons or webinar formats. It’s best to check their latest offerings.
Wyzant: Wyzant generally promotes one-on-one learning experiences, but certain tutors might be open to group sessions upon request.

Are there trial lessons available on both platforms?

Preply: Many tutors on Preply offer trial lessons at discounted rates, allowing students to gauge the teaching style and content before committing to more sessions.
Wyzant: While Wyzant doesn’t have a standard “trial lesson” structure, their “Good Fit Guarantee” ensures that if a student isn’t satisfied with the first lesson with a new tutor, they will refund the cost.

How do both platforms approach tutor training and development?

Preply: Preply provides resources and tools for tutors to enhance their skills and often hosts webinars and training sessions.
Wyzant: Wyzant offers an online portal with resources, articles, and tips for tutors to develop their teaching methodologies and grow their tutoring business.

What are the modes of payment accepted on Preply and Wyzant?

Preply: Preply accepts a range of payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, and certain regional payment systems depending on the country.
Wyzant: Wyzant primarily accepts credit cards and also supports PayPal for transactions.

Preply vs Wyzant Summary

In the digital age, tutoring platforms like Preply and Wyzant have transformed the learning experience, breaking geographical boundaries and offering diverse learning opportunities. While Preply specializes in language instruction with a global tutor base, Wyzant takes a broader academic approach, predominantly serving the US market. For businesses and entrepreneurs looking to venture into or collaborate within the tutoring sector, understanding the nuances of these platforms can pave the way for informed decisions and strategic alignments.

Platform SpecializationTailored for language learning.Broad range of subjects beyond languages.
Tutor DiversityGlobal network of tutors.Predominantly US-based tutors.
Vetting & ApprovalLanguage proficiency focus.Rigorous academic approval process.
ResourcesCommunity forum for learners & tutors.Q&A sections, articles, and study resources.
Pricing StructureTutors set rates with potential discounts.Pay-as-you-go model with possible service fees.
InterfaceVideo intros & booking system for languages.In-depth profiles & booking system for various subjects.
Mobile ApplicationTailored for language learning.Broad range of subjects and features.
Pros Over the OtherGlobal tutor diversity, tailored tools for languages.Diverse academic offerings, rigorous tutor approval, US curriculum alignment.
Cons Compared to the OtherLess diverse in academic subjects.Less global tutor base, potentially higher pricing.
Better Suited SituationsLearning new languages, international tutoring, budget flexibility.Diverse academic needs, US-based tutoring, quality assurance.
Key SimilaritiesBoth offer online tutoring, mobile apps, vetting processes, and direct payment systems.
Preply vs Wyzant Summary

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