Hitman Pro vs Malwarebytes: System Impact & Performance Evaluation

In this article we compare Hitman Pro vs Malwarebytes to help you determine which security software fits your needs best. Hitman Pro is a powerful scanner and malware removal tool that complements existing antivirus solutions, while Malwarebytes serves as a full-featured primary protection software with proactive defense against threats.

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What is the Main Difference Between Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes?

The main difference between Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes is that Hitman Pro is widely recognized for its powerful scanning and remediation tools as a secondary “opinion” anti-malware program, designed to run alongside and complement primary antivirus applications without installation, while Malwarebytes is often employed as primary protection software, with real-time defense features and a comprehensive security suite aimed for both individuals and businesses interested in preventing malware infections from the outset.

What is Hitman Pro and What is Malwarebytes?

Hitman Pro: This software serves as an advanced malware detection tool that provides users with an additional security layer to catch and remove malware that may slip past the initial line of defense. It is particularly known for its ‘Scan Cloud’ feature – a cluster of multiple computers in the cloud analyzing suspicious files – and lacks a real-time protection component, focusing instead on deep scans to remove sophisticated threats.

Malwarebytes: Positioned as a full-feature anti-malware solution, Malwarebytes presents itself as a primary security suite equipped with real-time protection that actively blocks malware, ransomware, and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). It comes with a comprehensive set of tools to scan, detect, and prevent malware infections, offering peace of mind for both personal and business users with its layered defense approach.

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Key Differences between Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes

  1. Primary vs Secondary Role: Hitman Pro is often utilized as a secondary malware scanner alongside a primary antivirus, while Malwarebytes is designed to function as a primary security solution with proactive capabilities.
  2. Installation Requirements: Hitman Pro can run without installation, directly from a USB or the cloud, making it convenient for one-time scans; Malwarebytes requires installation on the host computer for continuous protection.
  3. Scanning Focus: Hitman Pro specializes in deep scans geared towards detecting dormant and active threats that may have avoided detection, whereas Malwarebytes performs regular, real-time scans as part of its active defense strategy.
  4. Real-time Protection: Malwarebytes provides active, real-time protection against a vast array of threats, contrastingly, Hitman Pro mainly offers scan-on-demand and remediation services.
  5. User Interface: Malwarebytes sports a comprehensive user interface designed to navigate through various security features and settings, while Hitman Pro adopts a more streamlined interface that emphasizes simplicity and ease of use.
  6. Protection Layers: Malwarebytes offers multiple layers of protection including web protection, exploit mitigation, and ransomware protection; Hitman Pro focuses mainly on its behavioral scan and cloud-assisted removal mechanisms.
  7. Resource Usage: Given that Hitman Pro is typically used for occasional scans, it generally consumes fewer resources when inactive compared to Malwarebytes, which runs continuously in the background.
  8. Business Solutions: Malwarebytes provides a range of options tailored for business environments, including endpoint protection and incident response, whereas Hitman Pro is more focused on individual use cases.
  9. Cloud Integration: Hitman Pro employs cloud computing to enhance its malware detection and removal process, a feature not inherently emphasized in Malwarebytes’ scanning process.

Key Similarities between Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes

  1. Anti-Malware Purpose: Both Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes share the common goal of detecting and removing malware from infected systems.
  2. Compatibility: They are compatible and can run on Windows-based systems, providing security solutions for a large user base.
  3. Scanning Methods: Each program utilizes heuristic analysis and behavioral detection methods to identify and deal with potential threats.
  4. Ease of Use: Both tools aim for user-friendly interfaces, ensuring that users of different skill levels can operate them effectively.
  5. Update Mechanism: Both maintain regularly updated malware definition databases to keep up with the latest threats.
  6. Remediation Capabilities: They are both adept at removing malware infections, including tricky PUPs and ransomware.
  7. Trial Versions: Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes each offer trial versions allowing users to test the effectiveness of the software before fully committing.

Advantages of Hitman Pro over Malwarebytes

  1. Lightweight design: Hitman Pro is recognized for its small system footprint. Unlike traditional antivirus programs, it does not require installation and can run directly from portable media like a USB stick. This feature is especially handy for quick scans on different machines or for users with limited hard drive space.
  2. No installation needed: Hitman Pro can be run without going through a setup process, which not only saves time but also decreases the chance of conflicts with existing security programs.
  3. Strong remediation: When it comes to removing persistent threats, Hitman Pro excels in purging infections that have already settled in the system. This strong remediation capability is crucial for users who might suspect that their primary antivirus has missed something.
  4. Cloud-assisted scanning: Hitman Pro leverages its Scan Cloud feature to analyze suspicious files against multiple antivirus engines in real-time. This amplifies detection rates without weighing down the user’s system resources.
  5. Specialized scanning mode: The ‘Kickstart’ mode in Hitman Pro is a unique tool that helps deal with ransomware and malware that attempt to block antivirus applications. It allows users to bypass the malware at boot, providing an advantage in handling some of the most challenging infections.
  6. Secondary defense tool: Hitman Pro is designed to run alongside other security software, offering a valuable second opinion without conflict. This compatibility is beneficial for users looking for an extra layer of security without having to overhaul their existing security setup.

Disadvantages of Hitman Pro compared to Malwarebytes

  1. Limited real-time protection: Hitman Pro lacks comprehensive real-time protection features, making it less useful as a primary line of defense against malware threats. Users would need to complement it with another antivirus product to ensure round-the-clock security.
  2. Focused on scanning and removal: Although effective in detecting and removing malware, Hitman Pro does not offer the breadth of preventive tools that Malwarebytes has for stopping threats before they can take hold.
  3. Less frequent updates: While Hitman Pro’s malware definitions are reliable, updates tend to be less frequent compared to Malwarebytes, which could theoretically delay the detection of the newest threats.
  4. Narrow scope of protection: Hitman Pro’s focus on deep scanning makes it great for certain tasks, but it does not provide the same level of comprehensive protection against a variety of threats like Malwarebytes, which covers more ground with its multiple defensive layers.
  5. No mobile device support: Unlike Malwarebytes, Hitman Pro does not offer a solution for mobile devices, which may be a drawback for users seeking a versatile tool that can protect multiple types of devices.
  6. Primarily for individual use: Business users might find Hitman Pro’s offerings limited, as it doesn’t have enterprise-level features such as centralized management or detailed reporting that Malwarebytes provides for corporate environments.

Advantages of Malwarebytes over Hitman Pro

  1. Comprehensive protection: Malwarebytes offers real-time protection that actively blocks threats before they can cause harm, providing a more complete security solution compared to the more reactive Hitman Pro.
  2. Multi-layered security: With features such as web protection, exploit mitigation, and behavioural analysis, Malwarebytes provides multiple layers of defense to safeguard against various attack vectors.
  3. User-friendly interface: Malwarebytes boasts a user interface that simplifies interaction with various security features and settings, making it accessible for users of all technical levels.
  4. Extensive support for platforms: Besides Windows, Malwarebytes offers protection for other platforms including Mac, Android, and iOS, catering to a wider user base with diverse device ecosystems.
  5. Regular updates: Malwarebytes maintains a frequent update schedule for its malware definitions, helping to protect against the latest emerging threats quickly and effectively.
  6. Customizable settings: Users have the flexibility to tailor the behavior of Malwarebytes to their preferences, including scheduling scans and adjusting protection layers, for a personalized security experience.
  7. Business-focused capabilities: Malwarebytes supports business users with advanced features such as endpoint protection, centralized management, and incident response, making it a suitable option for organizational security needs.

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Disadvantages of Malwarebytes compared to Hitman Pro

  1. Higher resource usage: Due to its continuous real-time protection and wide range of features, Malwarebytes may consume more system resources, potentially impacting the performance of a user’s device more so than the lighter, scan-focused Hitman Pro.
  2. Installation required: Malwarebytes must be installed on the user’s system to function, which can be less appealing for those who prefer the portability and ease of use of a no-install tool like Hitman Pro.
  3. Potential for software conflicts: As a primary security solution, Malwarebytes might occasionally conflict with other installed antivirus or security software, while Hitman Pro is specifically designed to avoid such issues by complementing existing security setups.
  4. Cost for full features: While Malwarebytes offers a free version, accessing the full range of protection features requires a subscription, which may not be as cost-effective for users who only seek occasional use, as opposed to Hitman Pro’s more targeted scanning approach.
  5. May be overly complex for simple tasks: For users who simply want a second opinion scanner without additional features, Malwarebytes’ comprehensive toolset may appear as overkill compared to the straightforward Hitman Pro.
  6. Can be more intrusive: With its proactive approach, Malwarebytes may present more frequent notifications and alerts than Hitman Pro, which could be perceived as intrusive by some users who prefer a less interactive security experience.

Scenarios Where Hitman Pro Outperforms Malwarebytes

  1. Quick and efficient scans: Hitman Pro shines when users need to conduct swift and thorough checks. This can be crucial when evaluating a computer for hidden threats that may have gone unnoticed by the main security application.
  2. Portable solution requirements: Individuals who seek a malware scanning tool that they can carry on a USB for use across multiple computers will find Hitman Pro more suited to their needs as it does not necessitate installation on each system.
  3. Supplementing existing antivirus software: For users who are content with their primary antivirus but want an additional layer of security, Hitman Pro serves as an excellent complement. Its compatibility with other security software ensures enhanced defense without causing disruptions.
  4. Specialized malware removal: When tough malware infections resist typical removal efforts, Hitman Pro’s robust tools give it an edge. Its ability to effectively purge complex threats helps in restoring system integrity.
  5. Minimal system impact: For those working with limited system resources or wanting to avoid slowing down their system, Hitman Pro’s low impact on system resources while inactive is beneficial.
  6. Second-opinion security tool: In scenarios where doubts persist about the thoroughness of a scan, Hitman Pro is ideal for providing a reliable second-opinion scan without conflicting with the primary security solution.

Scenarios Where Malwarebytes Outperforms Hitman Pro

  1. Full-time malware protection: Users in need of constant, proactive monitoring will find Malwarebytes’ real-time protection to be superior. It blocks malware attempts before they can gain a foothold in the system.
  2. Diverse device coverage: Those who want a consistent security solution across different operating systems, including mobile platforms, will appreciate Malwarebytes’ broad support for various devices.
  3. User-friendly experience: Individuals who prioritize ease of navigation through security settings and options tend to lean towards Malwarebytes because of its well-organized interface.
  4. Frequent updates: Users concerned about the latest malware threats gravitate to Malwarebytes due to its commitment to providing regular updates, ensuring timely protection against new risks.
  5. Comprehensive security needs: For those looking for an all-encompassing security suite that can handle prevention as well as the aftermath of an infection, Malwarebytes offers a more rounded package compared to the more focused Hitman Pro.
  6. Security for business environments: Malwarebytes caters well to businesses with advanced features tailored for corporate security, making it a go-to option for professional settings where centralized management and detailed reporting are key.

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Feature Comparison: Hitman Pro versus Malwarebytes

  1. Scanning capabilities: Hitman Pro specializes in deep scanning and reactive remediation, while Malwarebytes stands out for its proactive scanning and blocking of threats in real time.
  2. System demand: Hitman Pro operates efficiently with temporary usage during scans, whereas Malwarebytes runs constantly, making it likely to use more system resources over time.
  3. Real-time defense: Malwarebytes actively offers real-time shielding from malware threats, contrastingly Hitman Pro focuses on scanning and removing infections after they occur.
  4. User interface simplicity: Malwarebytes provides a detailed interface for navigating settings, while Hitman Pro maintains a minimalistic design, which can be advantageous for those looking for straightforward functionality.
  5. Portable use: Hitman Pro can be used directly from a USB stick without installation, ideal for on-the-go security checks, whereas Malwarebytes needs to be installed on every device it protects.
  6. Removal of persistent threats: Hitman Pro gains a point for its effective removal of entrenched malware, which complements its primary use as a secondary line of defense.

Evaluating System Impact and Performance

Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes affect system performance to different degrees due to their distinct operational designs.

System Resource Consumption

While Hitman Pro runs only when prompted and typically requires minimal system resources, this can be extremely practical for users with older or less powerful computers. Its scan-on-demand nature allows for a lightweight presence, minimizing the impact on system performance. On the other hand, users may notice a decrease in speed or responsiveness during active scans, especially if other resource-intensive applications are running simultaneously.

Continuous Operation versus On-Demand Scanning

In contrast, Malwarebytes offers continuous protection, which can lead to more consistent resource usage. This can be sensed especially on machines with limited processing power or available RAM. Despite this, for many users, the trade-off may be acceptable, considering the continuous security monitoring and peace of mind it provides. However, it’s crucial for users to appraise their system’s capability to handle such demands and make an informed decision on which tool better suits their usage patterns.

User Experience and Accessibility

The success of anti-malware software is partly due to how approachable it is for the user, affecting how effectively they can manage their security.

Approachability for Non-Technical Users

Malwarebytes boasts a detailed interface, which, while filled with features, has been designed to be intuitive for users regardless of their technical savviness. With clear instructions and readily available support, it aims to simplify the process of managing system security. This commitment to accessibility ensures that less-experienced users are not discouraged from maintaining proper malware defenses due to complexity.

Tools and Settings Customization

Hitman Pro, famed for its “one-click” approach, is welcoming for users who want a straightforward tool that performs its job without requiring excessive configuration. The simplicity of Hitman Pro may appeal to users who avoid constant fidgeting with settings or those who may not trust themselves to make nuanced security adjustments. Its streamlined process can be a decisive factor for users who prefer minimal interaction with their security tools.

Integrating into Existing Security Frameworks

Both Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro can integrate into a user’s security regimen in distinctive ways, complementing existing antivirus solutions or becoming the primary source of defense against digital threats.

Complementary Nature of Hitman Pro

Hitman Pro’s main appeal lies in its role as a companion to primary antivirus programs. It can be easily incorporated into existing security setups to add an additional layer of malware detection. This synergistic approach allows users to enhance their defensive barrier without substantial alterations to their current configurations.

Standalone Security with Malwarebytes

Conversely, Malwarebytes offers a complete solution that actively protects a system against diverse threats, potentially removing the need for additional antivirus software. It has been designed with the concept of self-sufficiency in mind, enabling users to rely on a single program for most, if not all, of their anti-malware needs.

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What scenarios are best suited for using Hitman Pro?

Hitman Pro is ideal for those needing a secondary malware scanner to complement their primary antivirus solution. It’s particularly effective for in-depth scans and removing malware that has bypassed the main antivirus defenses. Because of its design, it’s also very suitable for users with limited storage space or those preferring a portable option that can be run from a USB stick or the cloud without installation.

Can Malwarebytes replace my existing antivirus software?

Yes, Malwarebytes can serve as a standalone antivirus solution, offering real-time protection and a comprehensive suite of security features that actively prevent malware infections. It’s designed to be a primary security program and includes various layers of protection like web, exploit, and ransomware defenses.

Do Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes provide the same level of protection?

No, they provide different levels of protection. Hitman Pro focuses on being a secondary opinion scanner and specializes in deep scanning and removal of sophisticated threats. In contrast, Malwarebytes functions as primary protection software, offering real-time defense features meant to actively prevent malware infections.

Is Hitman Pro better at detecting malware than Malwarebytes?

Not necessarily better, but Hitman Pro uses a different approach. It has robust scan-and-removal capabilities, especially with its cloud-assisted Scan Cloud feature. However, Malwarebytes provides comprehensive real-time protection that may prevent malware from settling in the system in the first place.

Can Malwarebytes affect the performance of my device?

Malwarebytes may use more system resources due to its extensive feature set and continuous real-time protection, potentially impacting device performance more than Hitman Pro. Users with systems having limited processing power should consider this when choosing their security software.

Are there any advantages of the paid versions of these programs?

The paid versions of Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes offer enhanced features compared to their free versions. With Malwarebytes Premium, for example, users gain access to real-time protection, ransomware mitigation, and other extensive security measures. Similarly, Hitman Pro offers a paid version called HitmanPro.Alert, which adds real-time protection and advanced features like CryptoGuard.

How often do Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes update their malware definitions?

Both programs maintain regularly updated malware definitions, but Malwarebytes usually updates its database more frequently to ensure protection against the latest threats. Hitman Pro updates are reliable but may not be as frequent as those of Malwarebytes.

Which program should businesses consider for better security?

Businesses should consider Malwarebytes due to its tailored business solutions, which include endpoint protection and centralized management. It’s designed with corporate environments in mind, offering more extensive features than Hitman Pro for enterprise-level security management.

Can I use Hitman Pro on my smartphone or tablet?

No, Hitman Pro is not available for mobile devices. If you need protection for smartphones or tablets, Malwarebytes could be a better choice as it offers options for both Android and iOS platforms.

Do either Hitman Pro or Malwarebytes offer customer support for users?

Yes, both Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes provide customer support. Malwarebytes, in particular, offers comprehensive support options including a knowledge base, community forums, and customer service channels. Hitman Pro also offers support, though it may not be as extensive as that of Malwarebytes.

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Hitman Pro vs Malwarebytes Summary

We have examined the differing roles, features, system impact, user experiences, and integration capabilities of Hitman Pro and Malwarebytes. Hitman Pro is a secondary tool that augments your current antivirus application with high-level scanning and removal capabilities, ideal for targeted use and users with system constraints. On the other hand, Malwarebytes provides a holistic security approach with real-time defense features, suitable as a primary security solution for varied platforms and users seeking comprehensive protection. Both are valuable tools in the fight against malware, and the choice between the two will depend on your individual needs and system specifications.

FeatureHitman ProMalwarebytes
Primary RoleSecondary malware scannerPrimary anti-malware solution
Installation RequiredNo (can run from USB/cloud)Yes
Scanning FocusDeep scans for dormant/active threatsReal-time active scans for ongoing protection
Real-time ProtectionScan-on-demand and remediation onlyYes, active real-time protection
User InterfaceStreamlined for ease of useComprehensive with easy navigation
Protection LayersBehavioral scan and cloud-assisted removalWeb protection, exploit mitigation, ransomware protection
Resource UsageLow when inactive, higher during scansConsistently higher due to continual background operation
Business SolutionsFocused on individual useEndpoint protection, centralized management, incident response
Cloud IntegrationUses cloud for enhanced detection and removalLess emphasis on cloud in scanning process
Mobile Device SupportNoneYes, for Android and iOS
Update FrequencyLess frequent updatesRegularly updated malware definitions
CostOne-time purchase or pay-per-scanFree version available; full features require subscription
Complexity for Simple TasksSuitable for straightforward scanningMay be overly complex if only simple scanning is needed
Notifications & AlertsLess frequent, mainly post-scan resultsMore frequent notifications due to real-time monitoring
Hitman Pro vs Malwarebytes Summary

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