A Comprehensive Look at SquareSpace vs Behance: Navigating the Digital Realm

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, choosing the right platform for your business or professional needs is crucial. Two such platforms, SquareSpace and Behance, offer distinct benefits and features. However, the question remains: which is the right choice for you? In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deep into SquareSpace vs Behance, highlighting their functionalities, comparing their features, and shedding light on the scenarios where each platform excels. As entrepreneurs and businesses, understanding these aspects can significantly enhance your digital presence and operational efficiency.

What is SquareSpace and what is Behance?

SquareSpace is a website building and hosting platform that enables individuals and businesses to create professional and high-quality websites. It’s a popular choice among entrepreneurs for its intuitive user interface, robust functionality, and a rich array of templates designed for different sectors. SquareSpace includes tools for creating eCommerce stores, blogs, portfolios, and more. It’s equipped with SEO tools, analytics, and social media integrations, helping businesses optimize their online presence.

Behance, on the other hand, is a social media platform owned by Adobe, primarily aimed at showcasing and discovering creative work. It allows creatives like graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and other professionals to exhibit their portfolio online. Businesses can use Behance to discover talent, view their previous work, and engage them for projects. Behance offers a platform for creativesto collaborate, provide and receive feedback, and network with other professionals in their field.

Key differences between SquareSpace and Behance

  1. Purpose: SquareSpace is a comprehensive website building and hosting solution intended for creating complete websites, while Behance is a portfolio showcase platform mainly aimed at creatives.
  2. Ownership and Control: With SquareSpace, businesses own and control their websites. Behance, however, is more of a community platform where the content is shared and open for critique.
  3. E-commerce Functionality: SquareSpace provides robust tools for building eCommerce stores, while Behance does not have built-in eCommerce functionality.
  4. SEO Optimization: SquareSpace provides tools and resources for SEO, aiding businesses to rank better in search engines. Behance, while having some discoverability features, does not offer dedicated SEO tools.
  5. Customizability: SquareSpace provides a higher degree of customization in design and layout, allowing businesses to maintain brand consistency. Behance has a standardized layout for portfolio display.
  6. Monetization Opportunities: With SquareSpace, businesses can monetize their websites through eCommerce, advertisements, and more. On Behance, direct monetization opportunities are limited.

Key similarities between SquareSpace and Behance

  1. Showcase Work: Both SquareSpace and Behance can be used to showcase work, be it a business portfolio on SquareSpace or creative portfolio on Behance.
  2. Community Engagement: Both platforms allow for community engagement. Behance through its network of creatives, SquareSpace via blogging and comment features.
  3. Accessibility: Both SquareSpace and Behance provide a global platform for businesses to reach an international audience.
  4. User-Friendly: Both platforms are user-friendly and do not require advanced technical skills to operate.
  5. Online Presence: Both platforms are used to create an online presence, which is vital in today’s digital age.
  6. Mobile Responsiveness: Both SquareSpace and Behance provide a mobile-friendly interface, understanding the increasing importance of mobile users.

Pros of SquareSpace over Behance

  1. Complete Website Control: SquareSpace gives you complete ownership and control over your website design, content, and functionality.
  2. E-commerce Capability: SquareSpace enables you to create an online store, something that Behance does not offer.
  3. Customization: With a wide range of templates and design options, SquareSpace provides more customization opportunities compared to Behance’s standardized portfolio layout.
  4. SEO Optimization: SquareSpace has built-in SEO tools that can help your website rank higher in search engines.
  5. Monetization: SquareSpace provides more avenues for direct website monetization, like eCommerce, advertisements, and membership sites.
  6. Customer Support: SquareSpace provides extensive customer support through various channels including live chat, email, and a comprehensive knowledge base.

Cons of SquareSpace compared to Behance

  1. Community Engagement: While SquareSpace has comment features, it lacks the vibrant creative community engagement that Behance offers.
  2. Exposure: As a widely used platform by creative professionals, Behance might offer more exposure to your portfolio.
  3. Free Option: Behance has a free plan, while SquareSpace does not. This could make a difference for businesses or individuals with a tight budget.
  4. Specialized Focus: If you’re in a creative industry, Behance is more specifically geared towards showcasing creative work.
  5. Talent Discovery: Behance, being a community of creatives, offers opportunities for businesses to discover and hire creative talent directly from the platform.
  6. Integration with Adobe Suite: Behance seamlessly integrates with Adobe’s suite of creative tools which is beneficial for businesses that heavily rely on these tools. SquareSpace doesn’t have this feature.

Pros of Behance over SquareSpace

  1. Community Engagement: Behance has a large community of creative professionals, providing more opportunities for networking and collaboration.
  2. Exposure: Behance offers a wide reach, making it easier for businesses and individuals to gain visibility for their creative work.
  3. Free Usage: Unlike SquareSpace, Behance offers a free plan that allows users to showcase their work without any initial investment.
  4. Adobe Integration: Behance integrates seamlessly with Adobe Creative Suite, offering an advantage to businesses and professionals who are heavy Adobe users.
  5. Talent Discovery: Behance provides an excellent platform for businesses to discover and engage creative professionals for their projects.
  6. Feedback Mechanism: Behance has a built-in system for receiving comments and feedback from other creatives, which can be valuable for improvement and collaboration.

Cons of Behance compared to SquareSpace

  1. Limited Customization: Behance does not offer the same level of design and layout customization that SquareSpace does.
  2. No E-commerce Functionality: Behance doesn’t provide e-commerce capabilities, limiting its usefulness for businesses that want to sell products or services online.
  3. Limited SEO Tools: Behance lacks the advanced SEO tools provided by SquareSpace, which may impact the discoverability of your work on search engines.
  4. Less Control: On Behance, you have less control over your content as it is part of a community platform, compared to SquareSpace where you own and control your website.
  5. No Direct Monetization: Behance doesn’t offer direct ways to monetize your portfolio or page as SquareSpace does with its various monetization features.
  6. Limited Support: Unlike SquareSpace’s extensive customer support, Behance’s customer support resources are not as comprehensive.

Situations when SquareSpace is better than Behance

  1. Full-fledged Website Requirement: If you require a complete website with multiple pages, blog sections, or eCommerce functionality, SquareSpace is the better choice.
  2. Customization Needs: If you want a higher degree of customization in terms of design and layout to maintain brand consistency, SquareSpace is superior.
  3. SEO Focus: For businesses that are aiming to improve their search engine ranking, SquareSpace’s built-in SEO tools can be more beneficial.
  4. Direct Monetization: If your objective is to monetize your website through eCommerce, advertisements, or subscription-based content, SquareSpace provides these opportunities.
  5. Brand-Centric Online Presence: If you’re aiming to build a brand-focused online presence, where the control of your content and audience engagement is paramount, SquareSpace would be the right choice.
  6. Customer Support Requirement: For those who prefer a platform with strong customer support, SquareSpace excels in this aspect.

Situations when Behance is better than SquareSpace

  1. Creative Portfolio Display: If your primary objective is to showcase creative work, Behance, with its standardized portfolio layout and creative community, is a better choice.
  2. Budget Considerations: For individuals or businesses operating on a tight budget, Behance’s free plan is a valuable option.
  3. Talent Discovery: If you are looking to discover and hire creative talent for projects, Behance offers a pool of professionals to choose from.
  4. Community Feedback: If you value community feedback and collaboration on your work, Behance provides an interactive environment for this.
  5. Adobe Integration: For businesses or professionals that heavily rely on Adobe’s suite of tools, Behance’s seamless integration with Adobe Creative Suite gives it an edge.
  6. Creative Networking: If you’re seeking to network with other creative professionals and businesses, Behance’s active community makes it a better platform.

SquareSpace vs Behance Summary

As we conclude this comprehensive analysis of SquareSpace vs Behance, it’s clear that each platform holds its unique strengths. SquareSpace, with its robust website building capabilities, offers customization, SEO tools, and monetization options ideal for a variety of businesses. On the other hand, Behance thrives as a vibrant creative community, offering exposure and opportunities for creative talent discovery. The decision between SquareSpace and Behance ultimately depends on your specific needs, objectives, and the nature of your business. This guide should serve as a stepping stone in understanding which platform aligns better with your entrepreneurial journey or business growth. Remember, choosing the right platform is pivotal in carving a successful digital footprint.

PurposeWebsite building and hostingPortfolio showcase platform
Ownership and ControlFull control and ownership of siteShared content on community platform
E-commerce FunctionalityProvides robust eCommerce toolsDoes not have built-in eCommerce functionality
SEO OptimizationProvides tools for SEODoes not offer dedicated SEO tools
CustomizabilityHigher degree of customizationStandardized layout for portfolio display
Monetization OpportunitiesOffers direct monetization avenuesLimited direct monetization opportunities
ProsComplete website control, eCommerce capability, SEO optimization, customization, direct monetization, extensive customer supportLarge creative community, wide exposure, free usage, Adobe integration, talent discovery, built-in feedback mechanism
ConsLimited community engagement compared to Behance, less exposure, no free planLimited customization, no e-commerce functionality, limited SEO tools, less control, limited direct monetization, less extensive support
Situations When BetterFull-fledged website requirement, customization needs, SEO focus, direct monetization, brand-centric online presence, requirement of strong customer supportCreative portfolio display, tight budget, talent discovery, community feedback, Adobe integration, creative networking
SquareSpace vs Behance Summary

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